• Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters
  • John Leguizamo: Latin History for Dummies
  • Craig Ferguson
  • New Riders of the Purple Sage
  • Gilbert Gottfried
  • Smokey Robinson: Up Close and Personal
  • Michael McDonald

Benefiting The Ridgefield Playhouse
Thursday, September 10, from 8am – 9:30am

Join local businesses for a great morning of networking – a portion of the proceeds benefit The Ridgefield Playhouse Arts for Everyone Program

450 Main Street · Ridgefield, Connecticut
$20.00 per person
RSVP Ridgefieldbreakfastclub@gmail.com


09/03/2015 - 4:00pm
09/03/2015 - 7:00pm

Director Woody Allen's latest film, starring:  With Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey, Joe Stapleton - When a...

09/04/2015 - 4:00pm
09/04/2015 - 7:00pm
09/05/2015 - 1:00pm
09/05/2015 - 4:00pm
09/05/2015 - 7:00pm
09/06/2015 - 1:00pm
09/06/2015 - 4:00pm
09/06/2015 - 7:00pm
09/07/2015 - 4:00pm
09/07/2015 - 7:00pm
09/08/2015 - 4:00pm
09/08/2015 - 7:00pm

Stars:  Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgård,...

09/09/2015 - 8:00pm

With Special Guest Abby and The Roadsters

Mountain Dew Country Series
Pepsi Rock Series
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Billy Bob Thornton may be...

09/10/2015 - 7:30pm

HamletHub A Whole New You Series

No musical background required – if you have a great idea and love to write songs….now is your time! Learn songwriting...

09/10/2015 - 8:00pm

Colin Quinn Live: Based On The Hit Off-broadway Show ‘The New...

09/11/2015 - 8:00pm

A private event Underwritten by Mary Kate Gobleck and Reliance Merchant Services


09/13/2015 - 1:00pm

Sunday Champagne Jazz Brunch
Featuring Steve Nelson, Sullivan Fortner and Matt Wilson

109 Cheese and Wine Jazz Series
Partially Underwritten by...

09/13/2015 - 7:30pm

The Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society:  Director's Cut Film Series
Like Sunday, Like Rain

Q&A · Writer/Director Frank Whaley

09/14/2015 - 7:00pm

HamletHub's "A Whole New You" Series

Learn how to take your humor to the stage!
Have you been told you're funny?  Do you...

09/16/2015 - 8:00pm

Clark Construction Comedy Series
Moffly Media Entertaining Conversations Series

In "Latin History for Dummies" John Leguizamo assumes the role of hard-...

09/18/2015 - 8:00pm

Ridgefield Magazine Broadway and Cabaret Series
Underwritten by Southridge Capital and Wells Fargo Bank
Partially Underwritten by Nutmeg Livery


09/19/2015 - 4:00pm
09/19/2015 - 7:30pm

Palm Bay International World Beat Series
Ridgefield Academy Family Series
Ridgefield Magazine Broadway and Cabaret Series

STREET BEAT is a kinetic,...

09/20/2015 - 8:00pm

With Special Guest Union Rail

Mountain Dew Country Series
Pepsi Rock Series
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Partially Underwritten by Nutmeg Livery...

09/23/2015 - 8:00pm

With Special Guest Josh Thompson

Clark Construction Comedy Series

Craig Ferguson entered the world of late night comedy...

09/24/2015 - 8:00pm

Pepsi Rock Series
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Created by Jerry Garcia and singer Dave Nelson as a Grateful Dead spin-off, NRPS also included Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart. Their...

09/25/2015 - 7:30pm

Ridgefield Academy Family Series
Partially underwritten by The Glenn H. Greenberg and Linda Vester Foundation

Founded in 1971 as an avant-garde dance company by...

09/26/2015 - 8:00pm

Clark Construction Comedy Series
Partially Underwritten by Nature's Temptations

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried never shies away from sensitive material and has been...

09/27/2015 - 8:00pm

Pepsi Rock Series
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A stunning multi-media tribute to the “King of Pop’s” life and legacy!  Lasers, large screen video...

09/29/2015 - 8:00pm

Join us for an event featuring the incredible concert performance of his iconic album, The Wall, with this highly anticipated music film event–  an immersive concert experience of the...

09/30/2015 - 7:30pm

de Amalia Hernández

Palm Bay International World Beat Series

Please join us in the lobby at 6:45pm for a wine tasting courtesy of Palm...