Program Book

The Ridgefield Playhouse 2014-2015 PROGRAM BOOK ADVERTISING CONTRACT

ADVERTISING RATES:                                                                         

                                                RATE              SIZE                                   WIDTH x DEPTH               


Quarter Page                          $250                1/4 Page Vertical (only)      2.375” X 3.8125

Third Page                              $300                1/3 Page Horizontal (only)  4.875” X 1.75”                                                                                   

Half Page*                              $475                1/2 Page Horizontal                4.875” X 3.75”

                                                                        1/2 Page Vertical                    2.375” X 7.75”           

Full Page*                               $800                Full Page                                 4.875” X 7.75”               

*Color upgrade                       $ 275               Weblink (restaurants)                        $250

Page size is 5.5” x 8.5”

Note: no bleeds on inside pages.


Back Page, Inside Front or Inside Back (Color)

                                                $1,750             Full Page                                 4.875” X 7.75”               

Full page Premium                 $1,500             Full Page                                 4.875” X 7.75”           

Printed Show Insert                $600                Full Page                                 4.875” X 7.75”

(Loose inserts must be provided by advertiser)


PAYMENT TERMS:             Your ad must be paid in full prior to placement. ART AND PAYMENT DUE July 30, 2015


Acceptance of all advertising is subject to publisher’s approval and agreement by the advertiser to insure and protect
the publisher from loss or expense on claims or suits based upon contents of the subject matter of such advertisements. This includes suits for libel, plagiarism, copyright infringements and unauthorized use of a person’s name or photograph.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Fax your signed contract and we will hold your space

(203) 438-4543.  Cancellation:   Contracts received cannot be cancelled. Publisher reserves the right to
accept or reject all advertising copy.


All camera-ready artwork, typography, separations, screen, halftones and veloxes are advertiser responsibility. Publisher is responsible for the stripping and actual placement of the advertising. Placement is done on first come first served basis unless otherwise specified.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged for resizing or any modifications to your submitted artwork and will be billed separately at $25 per hour.



Please make checks payable to: The Ridgefield Playhouse   -or-  MC, Visa or American Express Accepted

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________­­___________will be! 
Three great singers for the price of one) 748-7129.  Tickets for  students in the audiences              

DATE:    _________________________  EXPIRATION DATE ON CARD: _____________________

PRINT NAME: ______________________________________________________________________

CREDIT CARD#_______________________________ V-Code#______________________________

COMPANY: ________________________________________________________________________                

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

AD PRICE: _______________________________ AD SIZE:_________________________________                                                                                                                                                 

PHONE #:      ______________________FAX#: ______________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________@_______________________



Name your files with your business name and include the proper file extension, ie.
(.pdf, .eps, .indd, p.65, etc.) If your ad is to print black & white, send it as such; if
it is to print in full color, please convert images, etc. to CMYK.

Images must be minimum 300dpi at 100% of size indicated. Please do not pull images off of websites as they will
NOT reproduce well.

Please mail your program ad on disk to Michelle at The Ridgefield Playhouse, 80 East Ridge, Ridgefield, CT 06877
or email to Michelle at “Ridgefield Playhouse Program Book” in the subject line.

For Hi-Res PDF Files:

1. Create all art to actual size, as this will ensure proper sizing and no need for us to reduce or try to fit the wrong
shaped ad onto a page. Also, be sure that your files have the color correctly represented as: black & white or
CMYK; PMS colors and RGB files will be converted to CMYK and may not reproduce as expected.

2.  Export using PDF/X-1a: 2001 -- keep resolution at 300 dpi (minimum).

3.  Embed all fonts, subset below 100%.

We also accept the following file types:

QUARK:               MAC or PC up to version 7.  “COLLECT FOR OUTPUT.”

ILLUSTRATOR:   MAC or PC up to CS3, AI or EPS file. Outline all fonts..

PAGEMAKER:     PC version 7. Preflight & Package.

INDESIGN:           MAC or PC, CS3. Preflight & Package.

Microsoft products, such as: Word, Publisher, Excel, etc., can be accepted, but quality is not guaranteed. Any photos
or logos must be provided separately. We cannot take PrintShop, PrintShop Pro, Paint, etc.  Any additional questions
about file types we accept can be emailed to Ad reprints should be attached or page # indicated,and noted as either "exact reprint" or "reprint with changes," with all changes marked in RED.